The WPOA (Western Property Owners Association) announced a list of new officers and directors for 2017-18 at the April meeting: Gerry Kelly, President, RoseAnn Vernice, Vice President and Arnold Finamore, Treasurer. Directors for the new year will include Gloria Weinrich, Lauren Grima, Maureen Traxler, Nick Vernice, Tom Rivera, Joan O’Sullivan, Joe Licari, Terry McCarthy, TJ Michon, Tom Nastasi, and Rich Vallely. Student Ambassador Samantha Holub will be leaving in June to go off to college, but current Garden City High School junior Mark Michon will be joining the WPOA as senior Student Ambassador.

At the April Meeting, Deputy Superintendent of Village Public Works, Domenick Stanco provided the WPOA with a great overview of the Hurricane Sandy response as well as day-to-day village operations and upcoming spring projects. The WPOA thanked out-going president Maureen Traxler for providing leadership and vision and for managing current challenges to neighbors, especially in regard to traffic issues and the LIRR 3rd Track.

The WPOA also announced a spring schedule of events starting with a Meet and Greet on Friday, May 5th from 7:30 to 10 PM at Public House 55 on New Hyde Park Road. A raffle of Met tickets and an introduction of new officers and directors will highlight the event. On Wednesday May 10th, the WPOA will hold a special meeting at the New Senior Center at 6:30 to share information on the LIRR 3rd Track for all residents followed by a Directors meeting at 7:30 PM. All village residents are welcomed.

Source: The Garden City News