On May 31, the Western Property Owners Association (WPOA) Scholarship in Memory of Past Presidents John F. Traxler, Paul J. Muscarella, and Thomas Whalen was awarded to Samantha Holub and Nicholas Mixon at the Senior Awards Ceremony at the Garden City High School.  WPOA President Gerry Kelly announced the awards and congratulated the Class of 2017 on their remarkable achievements especially in community service. “Garden City students show how much they care for others through their participation in St. Anne’s Respite Care, the Miracle Foundation, and countless other outreach events and community organizations”, Kelly said.  Although Garden City High School’s academic and athletic achievements are extraordinary, President Kelly commented,  “It is the kindness and character of the student body that impresses him the most”.  Our two WPOA honorees, Samantha Holub and Nicholas Mixon, represent this character and kindness through their extraordinary efforts helping others.